Educational Content Library

Is a library that grants the student an unlimited viewing access to personalized curriculum in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Merging Training and Virtual Reality

Our Training is categorized into : 1) Children, where they are taught skills of management and character building. 2) Schools, where curriculum training is carried out. 3) Adults, where they are trained on interpersonal skills as well as important training courses for the work environment.

Portable Virtual Lab

A portable Virtual lab that Satisfies all rules and conditions for safe use. The Glasses are designed in both a safe and enjoyable way for the kids, and the lab is deemed to be portable since just by wearing the glasses you can be in your own virtual world that inspires you to create and think in a better way.

We can Design VR/AR Experience for You

The VR / AR experience can be Design for you on Different Platforms

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Leaders of Virtual Reality in Egypt and Middle East

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Our Main Services

Ignite lives up to it's responsibility towards it's students and their ongoing follow up.

Virtual Reality Tests

We strive to make tests easier for all students, that's why we incorporate VR technology so that all students can answer question easily.

Aftersales Services

We maintain continuous contact with schools that use that product and support them technically if they ran into any problems, we also provide them with the training required for Ignite applications and devices.

Interactive environment

The ability for the user to affect the world that is built before him and to engage with it in the same way he does in the real world, unbound by a certain behavior or fixed viewing angles.

Updates and upgrades

Specially that virtual reality depends on increasingly changing technologies to improve the performance of students and track the changes that benefit them allowing for upgrades that best suits them.


Numbers elucidate everything, Ignite has gone a long way towards excellence and achieved some great goals but never stops to create new goals and always instill motivation, every new day there is a new challenge.


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